Connect2Consult | Global Market Study on Composite Pressure Vessel Market
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Global Market Study on Composite Pressure Vessel Market



A leading European supplier of composite high spped craft and advanced composite structures for applications in marine, offshore, defence industries worldwide


Business Need

The client was looking to understand the commercial opportunities in the Composite Pressure Vessels (CPV) and CNG Composite Pressure Vessel market across different segments and geographical regions for driving sales and marketing



Extensive secondary research through databases, company websites and internet searches to develop insights into the CPV market, competitor analysis was conducted, new market opportunities were looked at .Macro analysis was conducted to study  Economic and Technological factors affecting the industry demand. Assess and quantify key areas of growth/opportunities for  client  in different segments. Trends and market drivers, regulatory framework and its  impact were considered during the study . Conncet2Consult helped the client to evaluate the demand for composite pressure vessel market across different segments and helped them in entering new markets