Connect2Consult | Business Research
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Business Research

We are an India based business research and advisory company. Understanding that research requirements vary across different customer segments, we base our research on business specific needs. With Connect2Consult Business Research outsourcing services, our clients are able to remain focused on their business, while gaining access to the data and insights necessary to drive decision-making about their business, investments, and strategic plans.


We at Conect2Consult India utilize both secondary and primary research to collect relevant information as per business needs. Our analysts use industry-specific databases to conduct research and provide deep and comprehensive scope for analysis.


Connect2Consult provides a range of actionable business research and market research outsourcing services in various industry verticals .




Market Expansion

– Quick market scans and Market assessment

– Detailed market studies

– Go- to market strategy


Marketing and Sales Strategy

– Industry trend analysis

– Best practices / Benchmarking studies

– Go-to-Market strategy



– Opportunity Scanning

– Market Opportunity Assessment


Market Share Strategy

– Market segments and growth

– Customer need analysis


Competitive Analysis

– Competitor profiling

– Competitive landscaping

– Product & Price benchmarking