Connect2Consult | Europe based leading Lubricant Manufacturer was looking to enter Indian Market
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Europe based leading Lubricant Manufacturer was looking to enter Indian Market

Supported strategic decision of a Europe based Lubricant manufacturer to enter Indian market by identifying a potential distributor to promote products in the market


A leading Europe based Lubricant Manufacturer

Business Need

Client was looking to enter the Indian market through the distributor route in the Indian Market. They were looking to identify distributor(s) based on their pre-defined criteria and product synergies.


The Indian Lubricant market is an unorganised market. Connect2Consult did an extensive secondary research to understand the market and to create an initial list of 40 distributors based on criteria’s like Infrastructure, size, turnover, employees, network, and range of products, market and segments. Post that a structured primary research approach was followed to reach every distributor, in order to qualify it to the next level. The list was funnelled to top 10 distributors with whom calls were arranged with the client for an initial level of discussion. Based on discussions with the client, 5 distributors were qualified for a second round of interactions and to discuss possible synergies.

Finally, it was followed by a client visit in India for a face-to-face interaction with distributors to appoint the best distributor in the Indian market to handle their product

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