Connect2Consult | Home Security Market in Nordics, Europe and US
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Home Security Market in Nordics, Europe and US


A leading retailer in consumer electronics in the Nordic Region


Business Need

The client who is the largest retailer of consumer electronics in the Nordic
was considering entering the Home Security market as part of their growth strategy The client was selling the hardware for DIY home security solutions, but wanted a strategy for a bigger role in the market, understand the market dynamics and the critical success factors. The client wanted to get an overview of the market in the Nordics and also and assessment of potential partners in Europe or US to collaborate in this market.



Connect2Consult conducted extensive research and narrowed down on the top players of the industry in US, Europe and Nordics .The macro/micro environment was studied and trends in the industry were analysed . The challenges and adoption in EU/US were studied. The Nordic sector was studied in depth and demand for home security solution and services was forecasted . The supply side was also studied and go-to market strategies were advised .

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