Connect2Consult | CNT Epoxy and Bio Resin Global Market Study for Finland based company
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CNT Epoxy and Bio Resin Global Market Study for Finland based company


A leading Scandinavian  Manufacturer of Epoxy and Bio Resins

Business Need

The client wanted to study  the global  Market for CNT epoxy and Bio Resin product covering possible applications/market segments and their characteristics,  and the future business opportunities to give direction to the business development activities


Connect2Consult conducted extensive secondary research through databases, company websites and internet searches to identify different segments and the application area, market size, entry barriers in the existing market segments,. Identified all the industry segments like Sports, Aerospace, Wind Turbines, Automobile , Construction,  Marine etc  and a relative positioning , potential of the segments based on qualitative and quantitative parameters was undertaken

Competitive landscape was studied which included the current and prospective marketers of  CNT Epoxy and Bio Resin products. Studied their network presence, strategic developments, products, clients, financials etc .In-depth analysis was done, and Ansoff matrix  was prepared for strategic positioning. The research enabled the client to identify key competitors, segments and business opportunities across key verticals

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