CRM Modules

Sales Force Automation (SFA)
Sales Force Automation is designed to automate sales-force-related activities, such as lead management.
  • Keeping lists of leads
  • Assigning list segments to salespeople
  • Allowing list contacts to be called or e-mailed
  • Tracking responses
  • Generating reports
  • Creating leads for the team
Marketing Automation
Campaign management module allows organizations to run campaigns on an existing client base. Campaign Management is used when you need to create personalized offers when it is prohibitively expensive to personally contact each client.


  • Design and execution of targeted marketing campaigns to optimize marketing effectiveness
  • Design and execution of specific customer campaigns, including customer acquisition, cross-selling, up-selling, retention
  • Choosing campaign recipients from the client base according to selected criteria
  • Assigning specific campaign offers to selected recipients
  • Automatically sending offers to the selected clients via selected channels (either directly, via channels such as e-mail, or indirectly, by creating lists for use in channels such as direct mail)
  • Gathering, storing, and analyzing campaign results (including tracking responses and analyzing propensities)
Customer Support
To ensure long term and successful relationship with customers it is imperative that customer’s queries and issues` are addressed seamlessly. The customer care teams should be prompt in their response and address customer issues to ensure long term loyalty and satisfaction:
  • High level of customer service with real time access to customer data
  • Central repository of solutions and Knowledgebase
  • Adequate tracking mechanisms to ensure queries are seamlessly addressed
  • Maintain complete customer history of current and past interaction