Does an organisation know how many deals they lost by not maintaining a  proper interaction history record, or how many prospects were just forgotten about, and not followed up? 

The traditional ways of customer relationship management like spreadsheets or email system is not the right CRM strategy to acquire retain and grow customer base. Some might think using Excel spreadsheet or Outlook is just fine to help run their sales and marketing operations, but they are not aware of the business they are leaving on the table from not properly automating the sales processes.

CRM solutions for small and midsized businesses are too often designed either as “one size fits all,” or as scaled down versions of rigid, monolithic enterprise systems. These flawed approaches don't accommodate for unique customer relationship management/CRM needs and processes that are a natural part of every business. And, in turn, they've led to low user adoption rates and failed implementations

We at Connect2Consult, our approach to customer relationship management/CRM solutions is different as we understand that every organization is different with their unique sales processes. Our CRM software applications are based on a detailed understanding of the unique needs of SMBs. We understand processes and accordingly suggest the best solution customized to requirements.  We never push technology, if our consultants think that the need is not matched then we study business model and recommend suitable improvements in the sales process, thus assisting in generating higher sales revenues.

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