Case Studies

Sales and Marketing

Corporate Identity and Internet Marketing
Developed a corporate Identity and Internet marketing strategy for a technology and business consulting firm as a part of the branding excercise
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Lead Generation Acitivity to drive sales growth for a leading Singapore based training and consulting firm
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Pre-Engagement Intelligence to support pre-sales activity of a professional firm 
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CRM in Education Sector
Implemented a lead management system at a leading Delhi based management institute to handle student enquiries systematically
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  Business Research

Market Assesment of CNT Epoxy market for a leading Singapore based Investment firm for strategic decision making
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India Entry Strategy
Devised an India Entry Strategy and distributor Identification for a leading Europe based Lubricant Manufacturer based on their pre-defined criteria and product synergies
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Global Market Study of Hull Cleaning Market
For a leading Norway based investment firm to support their Pe-investment strategy Read More