Sales Process Consulting

To achieve targeted revenue , it is essential to have a well defined  sales process which should be aligned to the company’s business model and should be rigorously followed by the sales teams. Various elements within the sales process should be clearly defined so the sales team within an organization have a clear cut roadmap to approach leads, convert leads to prospects, qualify them aptly into sales opportunities, do meaningful negotiations thereby leading to profitable closures.

We optimize clients’ sales process management system by studying their:

  • Expected Sales and Revenue Objectives
  • Study Current Sales Process
  • Study Current Sales Process
  • Identify Gaps and Loopholes
  • Recommend a potential Correction, Modification or a complete overhaul
  • Help key stakeholders to implement the agreed process
  • Monitor and Suggest improvements in the process as the business model evolves

We at Connect2Consult strongly believe that sales is not about targets and numbers it’s a collective and a collaborative team effort which should result in achieving a common objective i.e. growth of the organization and the team. Our sales process consulting team works closely with our clients to build a solid sales strategy to make sure it is uniformly adopted by the entire customer facing chain which would include: 

  • Telemarketers
  • Inside Sales Representatives
  • Marketing and Brand Managers
  • Front End Sales Reps
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Senior Management


A neatly drawn Sales Process management system ensures various team members in their respective roles are following a uniform approach of interaction with external touch points including customers and partners this ensures customers have a fulfilling experience as they interact with the team. Because various team members have the same and the most updated information with them it helps the organization to build long lasting and profitable relationship with the customers. 

A quality process is the output of relevant input from various stakeholders at various levels of the organization. We believe that the whole customer facing hierarchy should be involved while drawing the sales process as people at various levels have valuable inputs that would assist in formulating an effective and competent sales process.

Our  consulting team has devised a simple 3 stage Sales Model that assist companies in formulating a competent sales process. Since every organization is different in terms of business, people, approach and culture this model can be tweaked  as per unique requirements of an organization

  • Sales Process Study – Our team of sales consultants will closely study the current sales process of your organization. Most companies have an idea of what they want to achieve, how to achieve and what will be the unit of measurement but at the end of the day the goal still eludes them. 
  • Sales Process Improvement – A detailed approach in the Sales Process Study phase help us identify the loopholes in the current sales process. In the Sales Process improvement stage we help companies to restructure the sales process by identifying gaps, plug the leakages and lay down the foundation of a streamlined sales process to be followed by the sales team.


  • Sales Process Implementation – Once the blue print of the Sales Process is ready, our consultants help organizations to implement the new sales process. Trainings and documentations play a pivotal role in the implementation.


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