Corporate Identity

 Connect2Consult India help companies in creating their brand corporate Identity that reflects the company brand image in front of their clients. It is the foundation for all marketing activities, creating familiarity and recognition among the target audience and communicating company’s brand identity. Brand identity/corporate Identity package includes everything that an organisation need to launch a business or looking to re-brand their identity, from logo designing, website designing, business cards, envelops, letterheads, brochure design, newsletter and presentations.

Logo Design

Logo appears on all sales tools, from business cards to website. As a result, logo design influences the design of all sales tools, for better or worse. It is a symbol that can provide target audience with instant and powerful recognition of business and the services/products that a company offer.

We as corporate identity consultants in India understand that a well designed logo help organisations to position themselves well to their target audience and make it easier to build a brand. We combine our expertise with designers to build an identity of your company through a powerful logo. We design logo in line with your branding strategy, your vision, the differentiating factor, the positioning strategy to complement it with your overall strategy

Website Designing

In today's marketplace, a professional and effective website is essential if you want to stand-out from your competitors. Research shows that more and more consumers use the Internet to research buying decisions for a wide range of products and services. There are many factors to consider in website designing as it is an important part of the way you do and grow your business. In most situations company website is often the first point of contact for many of your potential customers. It is important that your website make the right impression, clearly and concisely reflect your business, values and products.

Professional website design, visually perfect and organization of information with crisp website content are the three elements of WebSite design which come together to place company on the front page of the business world. Whether it is a small website consisting of just a few pages to a full web development, new or looking to redesign your existing website we can help you recommend best solution best suited to appeal to the target audience of your specific business. We work very closely with our clients at each stage of the website designing process and encourage active participation from their end to deliver best solution.

A website should be more than just an online business card for your company – it should be an interactive sales tool that allows you to engage visitors and generate business and revenue for your company.

As a website development and designing company in India, we assist our clients in Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Web traffic and Maintenance, apart from design work.

Collateral Designing– Brochure and Newsletters

Brochure is an important part of marketing collateral material. A well-developed brochure is an investment in the company's future. Marketing collateral is used early in the sales cycle, and brochures concisely explain the benefits of working with a company or using solutions, while enticing the prospect to want to learn more.

Connect2Consult is the one-stop resource for all your collateral designing needs needs supporting your sales efforts in your absence! We understand that a well-designed, well-written marketing brochure design is an opportunity to capture the attention of prospective clients and win them with an effective positioning statement, differentiating your products and services from those of the competition.

Multimedia Presentations

In today's world where competition is intense and knowledge is cornerstone of success, interactive channel like multimedia corporate presentation is a proven solution. Communication in today's time needs to be innovative and representative of the company it is originating from. Therefore no progressive organization can afford to have traditional mundane communication. New interactive multimedia offers immense potential to companies that wish to communicate very effectively and leave a lasting impression on their audience.

We help clients in delivering high-end multimedia development at a fair cost. We create presentations knowing that marketing is an important investment for you. We work in close collaboration with your suggestions, your style and your budget

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